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A Journey Through Time...

A Journey Through Time...

When I attended the recent Domain Conference in Florida I had a few copies of my science fiction book, Battleframe, to hand out as giveaways. It provoked a lot of discussion about scifi and one of the members of the Godaddy team ended up telling me about a book called “Read Player One”.

20161113 readyBy the time I’d finally returned to Australia I’d completely forgotten the conversation until I received an Amazon delivery with a copy of the book inside. For a start the cover intrigued me, it had a picture of a young man climbing a stack of caravans……so I thought I’d give the book a shot and started reading.

What surprised me was the fact that the central theme running the whole way through “Ready Player One” was everything about the eighties. Computers, board games, computer games and music were all fodder for creating elaborate puzzle clues that the protagonist had to solve.

To be quite honest with you I cared less about the plot (which was a little simplistic) and more for the fact that it was a personal journey through time. Trash 80 computers with 16K or RAM, cassette loaders and Atari 2600 game consoles were carefully weaved into the overall story. I loved it!

My first computer was a Trash 80 clone and it sites under the stair in its box to this day! My second computer was a Commodore 64 and the games the characters played were straight from my childhood. Including Joust, Zaxxon, Defender (I loved that game) and the D&D (Dungeons and Dragons for the uninitiated) module “Tomb of Horrors”. I’d played and loved them all!

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Battleframe Video

Battleframe Video

I had a lot of fun with the family across Easter putting together the Battleframe video below. I hope that you enjoy it and are a surprised as I was by what happened about of a third of the way in.

I would like to thank my wife Roselyn and daughter Sarah that provided some of the character voices. They did a great job....with some very bad acting from yours truly. I used freesound.org for some of the sound effects and music....it's a great site.

For those of you that are wondering, I edited the video in both Microsoft Movie Maker (darkening effect) and the majority of it in Camtasia.

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Fantastic effort on the video, great teaser!
Monday, 06 April 2015 14:35
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