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The Holidays Mean Time for Writing!

The Holidays Mean Time for Writing!

In a couple of days time I'm heading off to Queenstown, New Zealand for just over a weeks holiday! The home front is being looked after by our two older children which means Pepper, our cat, will hopefully be fed.

What I'm really excited about is that my wife will be finished the final edits of Battleframe and I'm going to do the last read through. It's been a while since I've started at the beginning and worked my way through to the end and I'm really looking forward to it.

As soon as I arrive back home I have to jump on a plane to head to a conference that I'm speaking at in Las Vegas. I'll be gone about six days but after all of this travel "Battleframe" will be completed and ready to publish!

Given the long-haul flights from Melbourne to the USA I also plan on having a fair chunk of the second Mindwars writing finished. There's nothing like some plane time to get the writing juices going!

So a lot is going to be happening in the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted with each update. :-)

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Author Update - Battleframe to Be Launched Soon

Michael discusses "Battleframe", the first book in the Mindwars series. It's nearly ready for release! Please subscribe if you would like to be kept up to date with everything that is being written on Mindwars.

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Draft Synopsis for Battleframe

Draft Synopsis for Battleframe

Resource rich planet, Alpha Three, becomes the focus of a galactic wide conflict. In the midst of a remorseless Scourge invasion a lone human battleframe pilot, call-sign Whizzbang, attempts to find and rescue his closest friend from the invaders. With the extermination of the human colony seemingly inevitable, Whizzbang’s squad of veteran pilots struggle to turn the tide of the war. Just when he thinks they may have a chance, members of his squad begin vanishing before his eyes and the odds of winning the war become slim to none.

The mysterious nano-robots, unknowingly developed by an alien intelligence, appear to be all that will enable humanity to survive the onslaught. But all isn’t what it seems as the micro-machines begin to dramatically transform Whizzbang’s squad in astounding ways.

Safe within his command dome, the enemy General plots on how he can cover the world in the enigmatic Barrier, a force that kills humans in seconds. It is then that Whizzbang discovers that the Earth may be the next Scourge target.

Book one in the “Mindwars” opens with our galaxy in turmoil and humanity on the brink of extinction.

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Final Cover Illustration

Final Cover Illustration

I've just received the final cover illustration for the book "Battleframe". The author has captured the atmosphere of the scene perfectly and it's better than I thought it could ever be! It's just after midnight so more on the illustration in a future post. :-)

Battleframe 800px

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The Cover Design

The Cover Design

The cover design has been progressing really well and it’s just about there! I’ve been working with the artist, Sebastien Hue, over the past couple of weeks to represent a scene from the book on the cover. I must say, that I’m so excited seeing it come alive in front of my eyes.

Even though Sebastien is in Paris, working with him has been incredibly easy. When he sends a draft through I immediately reply with comments and then he shares his screen so that we can talk through the changes.

So how has the cover materialised? Below are the progress of the sketches to the near final version.

 20141210 sketch1

Rough placement of major character and fortress feature.

The title hasn't been finalised and the characters don't bear any resemblance to the actual characters in the book.

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