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Battleframe Gets Reviewed!

Battleframe Gets Reviewed!

Since releasing Battleframe just over a week ago my schedule has been chaotic. I’ve been getting to bed at around 3am most nights as there is just so much to do….and it’s all good.

For a start, I’ve received two reviews on Amazon so far which is awesome considering that it probably takes at least a week to read the book. Sales continue to increase and really positive feedback from readers is coming in from other quarters.

Here’s a quotation from each of the reviewers:

“This is good science fiction for those who like the technical end of the fiction without too much emphasis on the Simon Pure part of that. With a little more attention to balance in the writing, there is potential for greatness.”

“I implore anyone wanting to hop on to give this one out a shot you won’t be disappointed.”

So as you can see I’m pretty excited by the responses so far!

Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have produced a two minute promotional video for Battleframe that will introduce readers to the world. It’s going to be a lot of fun putting it together….and you never know, you may meet some of the characters!

I should mention that if you want to put a banner on your website then there are a whole heap to choose from. Check them out here. For obvious reasons, it would be great to get as many banners as possible out there. Once you’ve put your banner up then let me know and I will add your website to the list of Great Weblinks “Battleframe Supporters” in the community area.

I would like to encourage everyone to take part in the discussion forum. I would imagine there are a lot of questions to ask about Battleframe and it would be great to unpack them. You never know, there may be a few hints dropped about what’s going to happen in The Mindwars book two…

Battleframe Banner

Video of Seeing Battleframe for the First Time
Easter, Videos and Book Two

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