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Being a Character

Being a Character

Had a great weekend with family and friends celebrating my wife’s birthday. Lots of food was involved and the day culminated with lazing on the beach with some great fish and chips. The weather was perfect, the food was brilliant and the friendship was better than ever.

I found myself staring across the water wondering what it would be like to be some of the characters in my first book. There’s a scene where Whizzbang and Bosk discuss the Barrier and how it made the ocean shimmer in a beautiful purple he during the sunrise. It was also where they concluded that it was also a prison that the Concord had to be set free from.

Have you ever read a good book and wondered what it would be like being one of the characters. While writing the saga I’ve found myself looking forward to the next few hours to see how a character would react to a particular situation. Rather than reading, I have to write what will happen and it’s actually quite thrilling.

How’s Selfia going to react to Acheron being hurt? What would happen if a father and son were separated by war? These are great questions to ask and the only way I can get the answers is to write……and this is where I try to imagine what I would do in the situation.

So I hope that you enjoy reading the Mind War Saga as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. So there you have it....I've finally settled on the name of the series, "The Mind War Saga". More on this in a future blog.....

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