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Brushing Up On Star Wars

Brushing Up On Star Wars

With the impending release of the JJ Abrams version of the Disney inspired Star Wars this Christmas I thought that it was about time that I brushed up on the earlier movies. Seeing that the "Empire Strikes Back' was one of my favourites I thought that it would be a good idea to start there.

I first saw Empire when I was about 12 years old. I remember standing in the queue with the rest of my family on opening day. I was incredibly excited to see the follow-up to the greatest movie that I'd ever seen!

My mother (who is not a scifi fan) asked my father in a loud voice what the camels were doing walking across the ice plains of Hoth (you know them as Imperial walkers)......my response was to deny that I knew the woman. How embarrassing!

So did I enjoy Empire 40+ years later? You bet I did! My son and I said all the lines before the actors did and we even loved the fake movements that many of the ships made through space and air. Back in the days the movie was made movement was created with cameras and models and not CGI.....

Empire touches us in so many ways. It was full of excitement, comedy, action and a love story between a scoundrel and a princess. The good guys were good and the bad guys were bad. How cool is that! I get tired of the modern movies and books that seem to think that everything needs to be grey.

As a kid, Luke Skywalker became my hero and as I watched the end of the movie I know exactly why. He fought Vader when he wasn't even a fully trained Jedi! There was hope for me yet!

The moment that changed the entire universe came when Vader announced that he was Luke's father......I screamed with Luke and said, "Noooooo". What a shock that reveal was to the entire world when Empire was first released.

As you may guess....I love Star Wars and all the various films. Sure, they could be better but they're a part of my childhood and a part that is precious to me (LOTR reference here I think).

So what what were your first memories of Lucas's space operas?

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