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Episode 2 - The Plan

Episode 2 - The Plan

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” an astonished Bosk exclaimed. “You said what to whom?” Bosk’s short greying hair stood on end and seem to take on a life of its own as he heard his best friends plan.

Whizzbang took in his friend’s reaction as he calmly chomped into a piece of fruit that looked vaguely like an apple but tasted like a banana. After years of growing up together he knew better than to interrupt Bosk as he absorbed the ramifications of the plan. Whizzbang was wearing his Raven recon battleframe and availed himself of a plasteel seat that was designed to take the weight of both pilot and frame.

“That is the dumbest, stupidest plan I’ve ever heard! Whizz, have you finally lost it? Have the nano-meds finally screwed with your brain?” Bosk was really getting worked up now.

Whizzbang glanced out the window of Bosk’s personal quarters overlooking Concord Central Command. Since the destruction of the Scourge base on the far side of Alpha Three the Earthmen had been given quarters within the superstructure of the half-built starship that now formed the core of Central. Taking another bite out of the banapple, as he now called it, Whizzbang reflected on what had transpired over the last couple of weeks while Bosk remonstrated opposite.

They’d all come a long way. Since being transported via an interstellar transwarp, the six Earthmen had managed to free the planet by destroying the Scourge main base on the other side of the planet. In the process, they’d discovered that the blending of their genetic code and the miniature nano-med micro-machines had provided them with some astounding new psionic and physical capabilities. Telepathy, mental scanning and a way to invade and take over another entity's mind were only what they’d discovered so far. Whizzbang let out a deep sigh as he remembered his friend DG’s death at the hands of General Grendig. It was a loss he would bear the rest of his life.

By now Bosk was beginning to pace back and forth. He was still yelling but he was also really thinking in a manner that Bosk could only think. “So the five of us are supposed to take on around six thousand Scourge!”

Whizzbang looked up into the sky as three gliders zoomed in with break-neck speed towards Central. Good, their sons and Kheldar were nearly here. He’d called them in as soon as the plan began to form in his mind. They’d be in Bosk’s quarters in a few minutes.

Bosk had stopped pacing and yelling as he brought his gloved hand up just under his chin in deep thought, a habit that he’d developed over the years. “You dumb moron, this just might actually work.”

Whizzbang stood to his feet and tossed the uneaten banapple core into the waste disposal unit. Clapping his friend on the shoulder he said, “I knew you’d come around.”

“I still think you’re an idiot.”

“But that’s why it will work. No one has ever thought of something this stupid before.”

“And dangerous.”

“Yes, and dangerous.”

“We really have no idea what we’re doing Whizz.”

“I know but what choice do we have?”

Bosk lowered his head, “None. We’re all as good as dead without doing something as crazy as this plan of yours.”

Just then the door to the room swung open and three smiling faces entered. Pyro clunked in and wrapped his arms around Whizzbang in a big hug. His massive Rex frame clanked against the smaller Raven. “It’s good to see you again Dad.”

“It’s only been a few days,” Whizzbang replied in surprise.

Pyro stood back and looked into his father’s eyes. Steel blue meeting steel blue. “It doesn’t matter, it’s always good to see you.”

Whizzbang smiled in pride. Over the last few weeks his young boy had become a man. More than that, he’d become a hero and a leader to those around them. Since the battle of the Scourge fortress each of them had changed. It was more than their special telepathic capabilities. It was something about the men around him that radiated leadership. Confident in their abilities and wise beyond their years both Bosk and Whizzbang’s sons had become more than either father could dream.

Elzetro grabbed his father in an embrace in his Rook battleframe. “Love you Dad!”

Bosk closed his eyes in emotion, “Love you too son.”

While this was going on Kheldar helped himself to a banapple, pulled up a chair, and put his feet up on the plasteel coffee table. He loved these guys. As he watched the fathers and sons greet each other he smiled and thought to himself, “They were the best friends a man could ever have.

After the initial greeting the two sons mimicked Kheldar, made themselves at home, and put their feet up on the coffee table as well. It gave a little groan as Pyro rested his massive Rex battleframe boots on top, but it held.

Pyro said, “Hey Kheldar, toss me one of those fruit things will you?”

Whizzbang held up a gloved hand indicating that he wanted another. “By the way, I’ve named them banapples.”

“Sounds as good a name as any,” Kheldar said as he reached around to the basket of fruit and began tossing them to his friends.

It wasn’t long before nano-enhanced reflexes had plucked the flying banapples out of the air and each of the men were happily munching away.

After swallowing his first bite Pyro said, “Awesome plan Dad.”

Bosk looked at his friend incredulously and said, “You told them?”

Looking a little embarrassed Whizzbang replied, “What’s telepathy for unless you can brief everyone as they glide on in?”

“Ahhhh, you guys drive me crazy sometimes!” Bosk said with mock hurt in his voice.

Laughter filled the room, punctuated by more munching on banapples, as each of them watched the different expressions play across Bosk’s face.

After they had all calmed down Whizzbang said seriously, “Now to the plan.”



Michael Gilmour has been in business for over 32 years and has both a BSC in Electronics and Computer Science and an MBA. He has also recently published his first science fiction book, Battleframe.

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