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It Is Finished!

It Is Finished!

I’ve finally completed the final rewrite of my debut science fiction book in the Mindwars series. Later this week I’ve paid an editor to read the manuscript and mark any obvious errors. So hopefully by the end of the week I will have my finished manuscript ready for publishing. Hooray!!!

My wife, Roselyn, happening to be sitting next to me at the time and I turned to her and said, “It’s finally done.” I don’t know who was more relieved, her or me!

It’s been a twenty month journey getting to this stage and it seems that the last 10% of the big has been the hardest and most time consuming to complete.

So what has to happen now? After the editor comes back with any fixes (hopefully not too many) I’ll use a standard paperback template provided by Create Space (an Amazon company). I’ve already purchased my ISBN numbers so I’ll add them to the document for the electronic and the paperback version of the book.

I just have to clean up my biography, rework the blurb on the back and ensure that the artwork is good to go for the cover. I think that there will only be a few tweaks here and there for these items.

Once the book is actually published I need to update my Amazon author profile, website (michaelgilmour.com) and let everyone know that it’s available. I have a very modest marketing campaign ready to go and with any luck I’ll get a few positive reviews.

OK, here is the shameless plug…..I would like to encourage everyone to please sign-up to here and participate in the forum. You can ask questions about me, the book, characters, plot or just about anything! The more the merrier. I’m also making available restricted content of maps, diagram and sneak previews for anyone that signs-up.

Fingers crossed that the editor won’t be too horrible to the manuscript.


Since his early childhood Michael embraced the excitement and infinite possibilities of science fiction. Battleframe is his debut book in the Mindwars series and is the culmination of a lifetime of adventures. He currently resides in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and three children.


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