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It was a BIG weekend

It was a BIG weekend

So last weekend I began the final push to get “Battleframe” completed. I worked until late Friday night and then all of Saturday on the final read. I’m now down to the last one hundred pages.

So what did I find in this final read through? The most annoying error I found was when I fell into the use of passive voice rather than active. This tended to make exciting scenes boring and as soon as I fixed this problem the text seemed to just “pop” off the page.

I also found that there were sections where no edits were required and the story just seemed to flow beautifully. I found myself caught up in the characters, their decisions and what has happening to them. I loved reading these chapters and it made me realise that the story is actually quite engaging.

So what’s next? I’m going to be doing another big push this weekend and it should mean that the manuscript is completed. All I have to do then is lay it out (which is largely done), edit the blurb and tweak the cover a little. At which point I’ll be uploading it all into Create Space and publishing!

I’ll order a rush copy of the book so that I can check it out for myself and then assuming it's all good then I'll push the button to release it to the general public. Wish me luck as it’s been one heck of a journey!

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