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The Beta-readers Reaction to Book One

The Beta-readers Reaction to Book One

Well, I had the beta-readers around to give their feedback on book one. The great news is that they really enjoyed the story! I must admit that I was a bit nervous and worried about what they would think…..so it was a great relief to hear their reaction.

So I now have three marked up manuscripts that I’m going through to fix any minor issues. From the discussion I had with the beta-readers there were a few other things that they suggested that would enhance the story further.

Last night I was up until 1am working away and I’ve now just about completed the majority of the changes in the marked up manuscripts. With any luck I’ll have them all finished by the end of tomorrow. Yeah!

I’ve got about four hours of writing of some new content and tweaking existing. I’m really excited by these changes as I think they will subtly add to the storyline and more fully setup book two.

So, mid-next week I hope to have the completed, finished and done book! I’ll give it one final read through while the artist is working on the book cover and then it’s time to publish. It’s going to be an incredible event to see the book up on Amazon and other stores. What a journey it’s been!

Getting Ready to Publish
Cover Illustrator - Sebastien Hue


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