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The Cover Design

The Cover Design

The cover design has been progressing really well and it’s just about there! I’ve been working with the artist, Sebastien Hue, over the past couple of weeks to represent a scene from the book on the cover. I must say, that I’m so excited seeing it come alive in front of my eyes.

Even though Sebastien is in Paris, working with him has been incredibly easy. When he sends a draft through I immediately reply with comments and then he shares his screen so that we can talk through the changes.

So how has the cover materialised? Below are the progress of the sketches to the near final version.

 20141210 sketch1

Rough placement of major character and fortress feature.

The title hasn't been finalised and the characters don't bear any resemblance to the actual characters in the book.

20141210 sketch2  

This is the first major update. The fortress is largely constructed and the wall heights are roughly correct. The lightning bolts are over the mountains.

The character is still rough but better positioned.

20141210 sketch2a

I settled on the title asa being "Battleframe". Yeah!

The character's leg has been altered and a lot more detail around the fortress.

20141210 sketch3

The Barrier towers are taking shape with the purple beam shooting between them.

A lot of work has been done on the character with a considerable amount of detail added. If you look closely you will see a grenade launcher, and jump jets.

20141210 sketch4

Even more detail has been added to the character. Additional members of the squad have been added to provide depth and scale to the overall image.

More detail has been added to the fortress.

Being a Character
Final Cover Illustration

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