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Writing Furiously!

Writing Furiously!

So this past week I've been furiously writing book two of The Mindwars. It's great to get back in the groove and see where Whizzbang, Bosk and the other characters take me.....you'd be surprised just how much an author wants to read their own book!

I've now written around twenty thousand words but more importantly the book's plot is now largely mapped out. Like Battleframe, book two has a few twists in it and some of the largest space battles I think that I've ever read....really awesome stuff!

One of the great things is that the characters are really coming into their own. There's a real sense of love between them and fun in the midst of a lot of terror.

For those of you that are wondering......it looks like the opening chapter will help explain a lot where Wisdom, Creativity and Intellect have come from and why they are doing what they are doing. It will also provide an introduction to the ultimate enemy.

The one thing to not forget is that back on Alpha Three the characters are bracing for a second wave of Scourge....let me say that this comes in a very different form.

So this weekend I will be writing once again and hope to get around another 5,000 words written....so wish me luck! Cheers!

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