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Episode 2 - The Plan

Episode 2 - The Plan

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” an astonished Bosk exclaimed. “You said what to whom?” Bosk’s short greying hair stood on end and seem to take on a life of its own as he heard his best friends plan.

Whizzbang took in his friend’s reaction as he calmly chomped into a piece of fruit that looked vaguely like an apple but tasted like a banana. After years of growing up together he knew better than to interrupt Bosk as he absorbed the ramifications of the plan. Whizzbang was wearing his Raven recon battleframe and availed himself of a plasteel seat that was designed to take the weight of both pilot and frame.

“That is the dumbest, stupidest plan I’ve ever heard! Whizz, have you finally lost it? Have the nano-meds finally screwed with your brain?” Bosk was really getting worked up now.

Whizzbang glanced out the window of Bosk’s personal quarters overlooking Concord Central Command. Since the destruction of the Scourge base on the far side of Alpha Three the Earthmen had been given quarters within the superstructure of the half-built starship that now formed the core of Central. Taking another bite out of the banapple, as he now called it, Whizzbang reflected on what had transpired over the last couple of weeks while Bosk remonstrated opposite.

They’d all come a long way. Since being transported via an interstellar transwarp, the six Earthmen had managed to free the planet by destroying the Scourge main base on the other side of the planet. In the process, they’d discovered that the blending of their genetic code and the miniature nano-med micro-machines had provided them with some astounding new psionic and physical capabilities. Telepathy, mental scanning and a way to invade and take over another entity's mind were only what they’d discovered so far. Whizzbang let out a deep sigh as he remembered his friend DG’s death at the hands of General Grendig. It was a loss he would bear the rest of his life.

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