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Middle-earth Vacation

Middle-earth Vacation

Just over a week ago my wife and I travelled with our youngest daughter to New Zealand's south island. I've been to the north island but nothing could prepare me for stepping onto the outdoor setting of middle-earth.

We spent most of our time around Queenstown and woke each day to the most stunning scenery I think I’ve ever witnessed. The mountains known as “The Remarkables” (pictured above) were used in the Lord of The Rings as the mountains of Mordor. Looking at the mountains made me wonder if an army of orcs were just on the otherside!

The Ford of Bruinen was just up the road outside a tiny place called Arrowtown and the actual ford was at the end of a jet boat ride in Skippers canyon. Seriously, you’ve just got to take a ride on a jet boat….they’re incredible.

Ford of Bruinen

On our way to the west we came across a view of the Misty Mountains and later the place where the CGI team added Isenguard. It was a strange feeling driving along the road and recognising places from the movies.

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